The Most Fun You Can Ever Have

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So I was suffering from boredom again and decided to engage in an activity sure to assuage it…Staring out the window.

When I was staring out said window I saw a group of school-children frolicking on a playground and came to a realization. The most fun you can ever have is recess. Now I have tried various drugs, rode Roller coasters, played every sport under the sun and even used a Slip N Slide but none of these activities (though they may be exhilarating) can replicate the sheer joy of being 8-years-old and running around with your arms flailing and screaming at the top of your lungs as the recess bell sounds. Recess is the most fun anyone can ever have.

What I find I ironic about this is that recess is at the beginning of the word recession. What the hell? Has there ever been more of a juxtaposition? Shouldn’t they give it a scarier name like poorcession, hellcession, or justlikewatchingaromanticcomedycession or something?

With that said I have a solution for those suffering blues from the recession or any other thing that has them down. The recess pill. I propose that chemists all over the world should unite to create a pill that can somehow capture the sure jubilation one feels when leaving the classroom and heading for the playground. What better way to solve a problem then combining child-like feelings and drugs?

(Now if ecstasy already gives you that feeling I apologize. But I have never tried it and everyone I have been around who is on it acts like a retard attracted to neon colors and I want to punch them in the face.)

Perhaps I am just longing for the days of yore when things were simple but maybe I am on to something. Either way I think I am going to head over to that playground I was watching and see if I can join in without getting arrested.

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