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wolverine_vs_hulk_by_nebezialI, like many people, am obsessed with who would win in a fight or who is better arguments. The reason? I don’t know. My leading theory is that I am a nerd. The coolest nerd ever though.

Whatever the reason I have spent many a night arguing with friends about topics such as Luke Skywalker vs. Wolverine, a Tiger vs. a Bear and Rainbow Brite vs. the Gummi Bears.

As a result of this obsession I plan to make VS. a big part of this site and welcome any VS. suggestions or challenges (I will take on anyone over the internet).

Today I was wondering who the greatest Jason of all time is: Bourne or Voorhies? One is a cold-blooded assassin. The other, a hockey-mask wearing undead savage. Bourne has the advantage in weaponry and wits, Voorhies the upper-hand in retard strength. In the end I think Bourne’s savvy wins out and he eventually finds a way to stop that un-killable bastard (unless they are in space because Voorhies has experience in space). Plus you know Bourne would make sure he is dead-dead not just mostly dead, thus negating one of Jason V.’s go to moves…rising from the dead and shoving a machete through the esophagus.

Be on the lookout for more VS. related content on this, the greatest site in the world (or at least the greatest site with this particular url).

And just for the record Star Wars nerds…Wolverine would murder bitchy Skywalker.

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