Hanging Out

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hangingWhy do males enjoy each others company so much? The level of excitement a guy feels when he knows he is going to hang out with the boys is a bit disturbing (myself included). But it almost always lives up to expectations; especially if you are expecting to argue, verbally assault your friends and behave as if you were transported back to high school. You also never know what may transpire. You could start in a sports bar and wind up on a raft in the Mississippi River.

I think the reason it is so much fun is because if you are hanging out with the guys then you are not hanging out with girls. Have you ever tried to hang out with a group of girls? Excruciating. First of all, girls prepare for a night out like I would prepare for war. I can get a full nights sleep just while they do their hair.

And while guys hang out to b.s., girls only want to dance. As a result they choose a venue featuring amenities such as over-priced everything, impossibly loud glow-stick music and an enormous crowd of tools. To top it all off they furiously attempt to catch up with each other in an environment that was seemingly designed to stifle any normal social interaction.

Whenever I am thrust into this situation I am unsure how to react. Sometimes I will glance around the room to see what the other guys are doing. But most of them are just standing around with their hands on their hips and their lips pursed as if to say “I am really, really cool.” And they are usually wearing some sort of stupid hat.

Just writing that last paragraph makes me want to give the boys a call. I could use a good raft ride across the Mississippi.

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