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jay-cutlerJay Cutler is that nice? Really? Or better yet, re-he-he-heeeely (Ace Ventura style). I don’t know if there is any player in football I would definitely offer that Bears package for, especially considering the importance of draft picks in the NFL. Jay Cutler better ball to justify that ransom.

Cutler has thrown an interception for every game he has played. Meanwhile, his likely replacement in Denver (at least temporarily), Kyle Orton threw just 12 picks in 15 games last year (Cutler threw 18 in 16). And now Cutler is trading in Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal and the thin Denver air for Rashied Davis, Greg Olsen and the blustery winds of Chicago. Milk was a bad choice.

You also have to factor in Cutler’s petulance. It is not like this recent stuff is an isolated incident. It doesn’t take much to knock Jay’s blood-sugar level out of whack. He basically threw a hissy-fit when Philip Rivers directed a little trash talk his way.

I love the deal from Denver’s perspective. As I already stated, I don’t necessarily buy Cutler as a franchise QB. But even if he is excellent, the Broncos weren’t going anywhere with all the other holes they have on the team. That defense couldn’t keep me and 10 of those kids from the spelling bee off of the scoreboard. Now they can re-tool through the draft and have Orton man the ship until they find a replacement. If I were the Broncos G.M. I would have jumped at this deal even before the blow-up with Josh McDaniels.

On the other hand, Cutler does have a strong arm.

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