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wrestilingTonight is WrestleMania…

I haven’t followed wrestling closely for several years (the last time I watched religiously was The Rock and Stone Cold era of Monday Night Raw, circa high school days). But just knowing that WrestleMania is currently taking place makes me a bit nostalgic for the days when wrestling was a big part of my life.

Not only did I watch wrestling but I also participated. My brother and I used to plan entire PPV events, including going as far as creating our own Royal Rumble (the WWE event where 30 participants enter one-by-one in two minute intervals and can only be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope–last man in the ring wins). We would write 30 wrestlers names on scraps of paper and draw them out of a hat and act the whole thing out, complete with entrance music for each guy (WWE Themes CD). We would go all out too; leaps from atop the bed, body slams, clotheslines and power bombs–to the point where it would usually end poorly, with my brother either crying or delivering a revenge shot to the groin.

One time he had to go to the hospital after his ear got split in half. I still believe it was his fault for squirming too much. I had him in a gorilla press position (held over my head) and dropped him (again the squirming). His head promptly made contact with the bed-board splitting his ear in the process. A few stitches and a few days later we were back at it. But from then on my Dad would pop in periodically and say “What the hell are you doing? Stop It! You guys are too old for this shit.” We, however, insisted that the current match must be finished.

Nowadays I still casually pay attention to what is going on in the wrestling world. And I always enjoy a good wrestling related discussion like the greatest finishing maneuver (Razor’s Edge?, Perfect Plex?), the greatest betrayal (I say Shawn Michaels kicking Marty Jannetty through the Barber Shop window) and just why Hulk Hogan’s finger wag, head shake combination made him so impervious to pain (Hulkamania seems like the easiest answer). I also really wish I could translate some staples of wrestling into my every day life such as entrance music (how great would it be to announce your arrival to work with a personalized theme) and a valet (to look good and distract my enemies).

But none of this will ever replicate the feeling of throwing my brother into the bed-board. Sorry about your ear Shane.

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