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Nature rules. I love it. But not the nature I see in person. I like that. I appreciate nice weather and butterflies and if the conditions are right I might just frolic with glee. But the nature I love is the cheetah destroying the jugular of a gazelle kind of nature. That rules.

There are basically three things I watch on television: comedy, sports and nature shows (I believe high-def was invented for sports and nature related programming). If you want to know how to escape an alligator or bear attack, I’m your man. If you want to learn how to socially interact with gorillas, I’m your man. And if you want an informative tour of a zoo, I am still your man.

I watch all kinds of nature programming but there is always one thing I am hoping to see. If you are a male and share similar interests I am sure you feel the same way. No matter the program this hope remains the same…to see a killer animal conflict. I don’t care if it is a show on why koalas are so cuddly, I am still likely on the edge of my seat hoping that the next scene contains a battle between a crocodile and a polar bear (even though that is impossible due to geographic locations).

If it wasn’t cruel and unusual I would root for the Japanese to capture animals and put them in the same arena for a weekly television show. For now I will continue to tune in to nature related programming to learn some interesting animal facts all the while fascinating about an animal Royal Rumble (WWE style) featuring the 30 most dangerous beasts on the planet.

My money’s on the tiger because tigers are awesome.

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