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credit_cardsWhy do people have so much credit card debt? Because credit cards are easy to use. And they are mean.

Credit Cards have afforded me the opportunity to be an “Imaginary Baller.” For those of you who are not down, a baller is someone who has the wealth to spend extravagantly and look cool while doing so. The problem with being an imaginary baller is that nothing about a credit card statement is cool and paying 12% interest on debts is certainly not ballin’.

It is easy to justify a purchase by saying “I’ll just put it on the ol’ card, nothing like some opposite saving,” especially when you already have significant debt compiled. I guess this is because there is no tangible exchange of cash and no trips to the atm machine involved with credit cards.

Also, when you take money out of your checking account the total on your receipt goes down. Seeing that you have $4.36 to your name not only has a way of metaphorically slapping you across the face but also causes you to open your wallet and look at it incredulously. It is at this point that your credit cards begin to shine with a happy glow. They then grow legs and smiley faces and say things like “why would you deprive yourself of a home-pedicure kit, I’ll help you out pal.”

I have now locked my credit cards in a box. My days of being an imaginary ballin’ are over, instead I’ll just imagine I am a baller. Until I am that is. Home-pedicure kit here I come!

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