Swine flu

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swinefluI call B.S. on Swine flu. These new epidemics usually wind up disappearing faster than the Olsen twins at a buffet.

Bird Flu, Mad Cow Disease, SARS…Have you ever met or heard of anyone who had any of these conditions? That didn’t stop them from becoming big deals in the media. I am half expecting to hear this the next time I turn on the T.V.: Swine flu–Coming up, we’ll tell you why you’re as good as dead.

There have been 20 reported cases in the U.S., none fatal. And 19 of the 20 people recovered without hospitalization. Some deadly virus. Sure there have been some swine flu fatalities but most of those occurred in Mexico, a country that is not exactly thriving at the moment. Spring break in Cancun no longer sounds as enticing as it once did. “Take a swim in the refreshing water, drink Corona and enjoy some swine flu and a full-scale drug war…Its spring break in Cancun.” Places that have, you know, medicine, should be ok.

I wonder what random animal will get the next disease that will be here today and gone tomorrow? I nominate the squirrel.

*Contracts swine flu and dies as punishment for not taking this seriously*

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