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arodI love A-Rod. Nearly everything about him is intriguing and he is the only truly entertaining thing about baseball. If he is up at the plate I will watch. If there is an article about him having dinner with a distinguished lady, I will read it.

The poor guy can not get out of his own way and it is fascinating. His every action is transparent and his insecurity is impossible to miss, to the point where you can read it on his face every time he steps to the plate in a big moment. His expression at those moments resembles that of someone who just saw Godzilla emerge from the Hudson River.

There is nothing he can do that would surprise me at this point. I now believe he used steroids his entire career but that only makes him more interesting because I can’t wait to see how he handles himself going forward. Will he travel to Yankee Stadium via hot-air balloon with Madonna in tow? I don’t doubt it. I wouldn’t be shocked if he started using a body double for big at bats and press conferences.

I almost feel bad for him even though he has brought this all on himself. It is ok A-Rod. Next time you get in 15 solid minutes in front of a mirror (seems like that would happen daily with him) just tell yourself “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and doggone it people like me.” You already lie to everyone else so I think it is alright to lie to yourself, too.

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