Star Trek and Other Bold Observations

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startrek–Well done. That is the best way for me to express how I felt about the new Star Trek movie. It was a tight, well-made flick that seemed to pay respect to the original (I am not a Trekkie so maybe there was something I missed that made pointy-ear wearing nerds shoot their phasers off in frustration) while establishing a viable new franchise. Captain Kirk had the appropriate swag, the Spock plotline was very sci-fi yet logical (get it? logical) and the whole thing simply worked. I give it two Vulcan hand-signs up.

–I had a chance to hear the new Eminem record (by had the chance I mean I illegally downloaded it. If any cyber-police are reading this, I made that last sentence up). I wasn’t expecting much. I haven’t enjoyed much of his recent material or the single from this album. Surprisingly though, it is really, really dope. The album follows a constant theme, Em’s relapse into drugs and the demented behavior that ensues, and is sequenced masterfully. He takes his Slim Shady persona to another level, following the pattern of his older material but adding a more sadistic twist. This could come off as corny and forced but doesn’t because his verses, wordplay and rhyme schemes are so superb that I found myself punching the air while listening to them. He certainly earned his weight in valium with this one.

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