Tiny Dogs

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tinydogsI feel bad for dudes who have to walk tiny dogs (unless they are the kind of guy who wants a precious tiny dog, I am happy for them). And not a small, friendly pup but the kind of dog that you may see sticking its head out of a hand-bag. There can’t be anything more emasculating. I would rather sit outside of a dressing room, purse in hand.

Why do girls put their men through that? If you want a dog that needs to have a bow in its hair the least you can do is take care of it yourself. I imagine most guys who have to walk these dogs are secretly wishing that it gets swooped up by a hawk. If your guy doesn’t ask you to chop firewood than he shouldn’t have to walk Peppermint.

I used to wish I had a pet Tiger. A Maltese would be a heck of a step down. Unless I could walk both at the same time. That would actually look really cool.

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