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delawareI see you Delaware. Do your damn thing. Sports betting has been legalized in the state and I couldn’t be happier for it. Now there is a reason to go to Delaware. Suck it Wayne and Garth.

I think other states should follow suit and do things to make themselves uniquely identifiable; it has already proven successful for Nevada. What if Idaho became the midget capital of the world? Missouri should consider building roller coasters for public transportation (it could start at the Arch). Then one day I could say I have been to St. Louis. What about Montana? They could turn it into a giant wildlife park: Ride an elephant, dine with gorillas and run from a tiger…Its Montana!

For now Delaware will have to do. At least when I am heading south to Maryland I can stop by and throw some coin on an over/under.

Over/under: four years until Montana takes my suggestion.

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