New York Baseball Fans

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new_york_fansCalm down. That is my message to reactionary baseball fans. Calm down. Do you even realize what sport you are watching?

Their visceral reaction to day-to-day events is endlessly entertaining. When a team struggles for a stretch one may hear: This team has no chemistry, no identity, they stink! That guys a bum! Get rid of the whole damn team! When they go on a mini-tear: These are character building wins! They are having fun out there! I love these guys!

No sport is easier to predict than baseball, at least as far as general trends go. Baseball is a series of isolated events and because the season is so long and there is such a large sample size, statistics are extremely reliable. If you want to find out what is going to happen or why something out of the ordinary is happening just take a closer look at the numbers. You should be able to come up with a good working theory.

It is an individual sport disguised as a team sport. It is also not a sport where you can play better through sheer effort. That is why reacting emotionally to a single event is silly. It is also why intangibles are impossibly overstated.

People always tell me it is a thinking mans’ sport. So why not try thinking about it sometimes…”I’ll tell you what I think…these players are a bunch of losers!”

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