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hockeyI want to like hockey. Sort of. I think I at least want to casually follow it (apparently Ovechkin and Crosby and this Malkin fellow are the real deal) I have gone as far as flipping to it during commericals of the NBA playoffs. But for some reason I am still not compelled. Why?

I think it is the ice skates. I don’t like sports that require ice skates. I can’t ice skate and have never tried. Why the hell would I want to skate around on ice? I have never seen a frozen-over lake and thought…”Wow, what a picturesque haven for ice skaters. If only I had someone to hold hands with.” I guess that is why I prefer soccer to hockey since they are essentially the same sport with feet in place of sticks and skates.

I also find hockey difficult to follow. I know that is a cliche thing to say but it is true. I have trouble tracking the puck and I think the speed of the game is to its detriment sometimes. With that said, I admire the conditioning of players and the physicality involved on nearly every play and that is what makes me want to like it.

If only I knew what channel it was on (sorry hockey fans, had to do it).

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