Jon and Kate

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jon_kateWho the hell are Jon and Kate? I don’t know much about them but I certainly know what they look like considering their faces are currently plastered on every magazine cover in the country. I have never heard so much about someone I know nothing about before, and that includes Tyler Perry.

Reality t.v. has created a new kind of celebrity. The talentless one. The person who is famous for being famous. Do the names Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Heidi and Spencer, or anyone referred to as a Bachelor or Bachelorette ring a bell? I suppose being entertaining on television is a talent but it is not like any of these people broke into the business by honing their craft.

With such a large “talent” pool available I think it is time for cross-over reality t.v. I might watch Paris Hilton attempt to care for Jon and Kate’s kids or Kim Kardashian as the bachelorette or Heidi on a date with Flavor Flav. And nothing would be better than making Spencer attempt to be the new Crocodile Hunter.

I would be very happy guy if Jon and Kate were replaced on those covers by a picture of his legs hanging from a croc’s mouth.

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