The NBA is Fixed

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nba_fixedDavid Stern clearly controls the outcome of every NBA game. He uses the refs to help him achieve his agenda. I hear or read these kind of statements all the time. This line of thinking is asinine and total rubbish.

First of all, the refs aren’t favoring anyone. They are just bad. Every team has seen its share of terrible calls. The refs need to be more consistent and have to remember that the game is not about them (think they actually did a nice job in games four and five of the Cavs-Magic series). I think they should get technical fouls for unnecessary whistles.

Do the people who spout this nonsense realize how difficult it would be to determine the outcome of the game? If they were capable of pulling it off consistently then they certainly did a masterful job ensuring that LeBron hit that three at the end of game two. And if they really set this stuff up do you really think the Spurs would have won four NBA titles in the past decade. You don’t see any Tim Duncan muppets do you?

What Stern needs to fix is the officiating. Calls should be consistent and guys should be allowed to play. Because other than that he has the best, legitimate product in the world.

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