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competitivenessIs it a character flaw to desire to absolutely punish your opponent in any remotely competitive activity? If it is, then my character is certainly flawed because I desperately want to bankrupt my mother when we play a family game of Monopoly.

This penchant for dominance can get me into some trouble. For instance, last night my girlfriend became a little perturbed when I spent about 20 minutes intently searching for a triple-word score involving the word quandary in a game of Scrabble, scowl firmly planted on my face the entire time (Yes it has come to that. Scrabble-filled evenings).

I am hopeful that my competitive nature will eventually work to my advantage in life. I figure it is much better to really want to succeed than to strive for miserable failure. Therefore I will continue to fuel my competitive drive, all while replaying the line, “I will not lose…ever!” from Jay-Z’s classic U Don’t Know on a continuous loop in my brain.

Good thing no one is writing against me at this very moment in a blog-off. I’d have a tough time garnering a win with this entry.

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