Michael Jackson

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michael-jacksonMichael Jackson’s music is timeless and he has a handful of the greatest songs of all time to his name. With that said, it is ok to say that he was crazy. The dude called his house Neverland and did more than just climb trees and play tag with little kids. I am pretty sure his funeral will be held at Chuck E. Cheese.

The guy was obviously as tortured an individual as he was a great entertainer. At least now he isn’t in pain (he was reportedly on a hell of a pain killing cocktail + there is that whole horrifically mutilated face thing). It will also now be easier for people to remember him for what he would probably like to be remembered for, frickin’ awesome songs.

Jackson’s life was much sadder than his death. Hopefully now he can moonwalk in peace.

(By the way, do you think his face will decompose with the rest of his body? Ok. That one might have been a little harsh).

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