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all_points_westIf someone asked me this question…”Hey, do you want to walk through a torrential downpour, stand in the mud at a rock festival and then trudge a mile through a virtual swamp?”…I would have told them I would rather drop a badger into my pants. However, that is exactly what I did Friday night and it was awesome. It really helped that one of my boyfriends was the headliner (Jay-Z) but the other details turned the whole event into a memorable experience.

Despite not being familiar with their music, I really enjoyed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. And their lead singer, Karen O., is going to be a star (if she isn’t already). On a side note, amusing as it may be to look at, what combination of drugs compels one to run around in circles and dance in the mud? Count me out.

The unquestionable highlight of the night came about an hour later. After a 10 minute countdown (ticking clocks are super effective), Hov took the stage with a rocking cover of the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” and immediately won over the festival crowd (the Beastie Boys were the original headliners of the night but had to drop out due to MCA undergoing cancer treatment). The addition of a 10-piece live band, the Roc Boys, has made his live show infinitely better and it is performances like this that will cement him as the first Rolling Stones, U2 level rap act (I think both of those bands are a tad overrated but you can’t deny their iconic status). That and tons of bad-ass songs of course.

Even though I had to put my sneakers in the wash (Jay actually thanked people for sticking around and ruining their new shoes–see my blog on kicks for more on this) I have to chalk up that night as the highlight of the summer thus far. “Jigga held you down six summers, damn, where’s the love?”

Peep Jay-Z’s opening here

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