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twitterI was wrong about Twitter. I previously blogged about how I didn’t care what people were doing and didn’t want to follow anyone. I just didn’t understand it yet. Twitter isn’t about letting the world know you are going to the bathroom, it is simply a social tool that allows one to get information from and connect to people that they never would have been able to have any contact with before.

I now can find out about a studio recording session with my favorite artists, a speculated trade directly from the player involved, and get legitimate news straight from the horses mouth. Not to mention the fact that it allows me to promote myself relentlessly. I am not sure if this is all something that will eventually fade away, mainly because I am unclear how to monetize it, or if it will become a staple of new social media, but either way, I will certainly use it for all it is worth while it is around (the one odd thing I still do is go to the direct url of the people I am interested in instead of following them. I find something weird about telling some famous person I am following them). I believe this makes me what they call a “lurker” in online jargon.

With that said, I will end this blog by saying, please follow me. It will really make me feel better about myself. Thank you. Really, follow me. Please.

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