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funny_people*Update* I think I like this now.

I just saw Funny People and I can’t decide if I liked it or not. It definitely has funny people in it and is funny, but it also happens to be kind of serious and seriously long all at the same time. I will give it an A for effort though, as you can tell everyone involved really put their heart and soul into the project.

Adam Sandler’s character, George Simmons, feels very real and seems like an alternate reality and darker version of Sandler himself (the inclusion of actual footage from Sandler’s past was a nice touch). The character is a good barometer for the film. It is supposed to be about real people and real life and as such doesn’t have a cliched feel. Things just seem to happen. And the characters aren’t written for you to either like or dislike them, I think you are supposed to make that decision on your own.

The question is, do you care what happens? I know I was watching, I know I was intermittently laughing, but I don’t know if the resolution mattered to me. Or was I just weirdly interested, like seeing a car wreck? Either way, it was enough to keep my attention for 2 1/2 hours (which is tough to do sometimes).

I apologize for this being such a poorly written, rambling review. I guess it is appropriate that it came out that way considering my uncertainty about the movie. I didn’t leave the theater happy and I didn’t leave the theater angry. I left the theater wondering what I thought about the movie. I guess the fact that I am still thinking about it says enough. I kind of want to see it again.

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