Rappers Are Dumb

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rappers_dumbBREAKING NEWS!!!!! Many rappers don’t act very mature. Two of my favorite acts have proved that recently. Congratulations Joe Budden and Wu-Tang Clan–way to act like stupid idiots.

For those of you who don’t know the backstory (that is probably almost all of you), Joe Budden and Wu-Tang got involved in a war of words after Budden declared that he is currently a better rapper than Method Man. Joe’s mouth tends to get him in trouble, particularly since he spends most of his existence broadcasting over the internet, but this seemed like an unnecessary shot at a legend. However, it had me salivating about the back and forth battle tracks that might have ensued. Budden is one of the greatest battle rappers around and I was hoping this would give the Clan a much needed shot in the arm.
But there were no diss tracks (other than the mediocre one released by Wu member Inspectah Deck). Instead, Raekwon (yet another Wu member, aka the Chef) and a crew of like six guys ran up on Budden (while he was live streaming on the internet again) snuffed him and left him with a nice shiner. I don’t know if this was a publicity stunt for Rae’s new album (if it was, that is retarded in and of itself) or just close to 40-year-old men acting like over sensitive thugs. What I do know is that I would be much more entertained by Raekwon rapping about punching Joe Budden, among other insults, than him having his goon actually do it.

Jay-Z (you knew I had to bring him up at some point) is taking Oprah to Marcy Projects and hanging with the President and you guys are acting like middle schoolers over the internet. Way to go! Wu-Tang Clan really ain’t nothing to f*** with, they’re just f***ing dumb.

*Checks to make sure no member of the Wu-Tang entourage is going to bust in the door and punch me in the face over that last sentence*

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