Not Number One!

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numberone_notIt seems like there is a never-ending stream of fantasy football advice coming out at this time of year. Generally, the recommended number one pick gets the cover or focus of said advice. There is one big problem with this. I don’t want the number one pick. I never do.

The number one pick is never a sure thing. Last year I was scared to death of LaDainian Tomlinson, the consensus first choice, and my fears were validated (retroactive pats on the back are awesome). The same thing applies with the number one pick this season. Adrian Peterson is a beast but he is injury prone and Michael Turner scored a ton of points but also carried the ball too much for my liking (guys who get that many carries tend to suffer–being repeatedly tackled by 320 lb. animals is not good for you). This pattern seems to play itself out the same way every year. Do a concussed Priest Holmes or a slower-than-death Marshall Faulk ring a bell?

What this does do is provide one with the opportunity to reach for a pet-pick at number one. But who wants to do that? Sure, if it works out you are a genius, but if Adrian Peterson breaks the single-season touchdowns and yards records you will likely cry yourself to sleep while reading taunts on your leagues’ messageboard. Someone could just post “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” and it would cut to the core of you like Baxter does to Ron Burgundy.

Give me a middle or late first round pick anytime. That way I can cue up a name and click draft with confidence (swagger even).

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