Michael Vick: Why Wouldn’t That Work?

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vick_eaglesMichael Vick is a Philadelphia Eagle. Why wouldn’t that work? That is the same question I have been asking about Vick for years (excluding the whole dog fighting ordeal; massive dog fighting ring–why wouldn’t that work?, was not a question I ever asked myself). For a long time I have maintained that football coaches are too set in their ways and not inventive enough. Michael Vick was a prime example of this. The guy is a tremendous talent but some people wanted to write him off because he wasn’t a traditional quarterback. I say if you have a guy like that, you tailor your offense for him, not make him adjust to your scheme. That just sounds stupid to me.

The Eagles should be a perfect test case for my theory. And I trust Andy Reid to come up with some inventive sets that will have defensive coordinators looking like they have just seen Godzilla emerge from the Hudson River when the Eagles break the huddle. But you can’t play two quarterbacks in the NFL, right? I say, why wouldn’t that work? But the option would never work in the pros. I say, why wouldn’t that work? But you can’t have McNabb line up at tight end for a few plays. I say, why wouldn’t that work? Michael Vick and Brian Westbrook in the backfield at the same time? I say, why wouldn’t that work? The Eagles simply should have too many weapons.

It seems to me most coaches go into games and try to take away what the other team does best. If they want to shut down your running game they usually do it. If they want to contain your stud wideout they can usually do it. But what do you try and stop on the Eagles? McNabb is one of the best quarterbacks in the league (+ now you have the best backup). AND THEN there is Brian Westbrook, who might be the most dangerous player in the open field. AND THEN there is DeSean Jackson, one of the best deep threats around. AND THEN there is Jeremy Maclin, another speedster. AND THEN there is LeSean McCoy, who should bolster the ground game, perhaps the teams’ biggest weakness a year ago (btw, there needs to be some sort of cool nickname for LeSean and DeSean). AND THEN you add Michael Vick into that mix? That should be too much to cover.

If nothing else, it will make for the most fun Madden offense ever. However, I think it could be much more than that. The Eagles will be the story of the league this year and what a story it would be if McNabb and Vick are able to gain redemption while defying the traditional, unwritten rules.

*Vick takes the snap and throws it across the field to McNabb, McNabb drops back and passes to Brian Westbrook across the middle, Westbrook pitches it to Vick, Vick streaks down the sideline* Why wouldn’t that work?

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