Not Hung Up On Entourage

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entorageI am not sure why I still watch Entourage. Nothing happens. Hardly anyone in the cast can act (Jeremy Piven might be the only one and he always plays the same role, though he is great at it) and the plot tends to revolve around whether E (perhaps the most annoying person ever) thinks he likes a girl or not (the girl is also annoying). The most interesting developments are the ones that involve Ari and his agency and they are relegated to sub-plot material.

Another big problem with the show is that I find it tough to believe that Vince is one of the biggest movie stars in the world. The guy has the range of a rubberband. I am not sure I would even buy him as the love interest on a show like The Ghost Whisperer. With all that said, I do still watch so there must be something compelling about the show. I am just trying to figure out what that is. They do pick some really dope music.

Meanwhile, I think I am growing quite fond of the show that precedes it, Hung. I didn’t know what to make of it at first but it is a grower (no bad pun intended). I both like and am interested in the main characters and I legitimately find myself wondering where they might take the show next.

HBO certainly has an hour of my attention on Sunday night, even if I am not always sure why. Plus, Curb Your Enthusiasm is on the way. As Jim Ross would say, “BUSINESS JUST PICKED UP!”

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