Week Three Thoughts

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brett-favre-vikingsOnce again I will spout out random nonsense following an NFL Sunday…

–The Giants and Ravens appear to be the class of the league at this moment. The Ravens have a passing offense all of the sudden and I consider the Giants the Super Bowl favorites until they give me a reason to think otherwise.

–I said going into this week that a Jets win would convince me they were for real. Too bad they had their least impressive performance of the season and likely would not have won if Tennessee didn’t gift wrap them two special teams turnovers. Mark Sanchez looked like a mistake prone rookie at times, they haven’t been able to run the ball all year and the defense finally looked vulnerable (no pressure). Still, 3-0 is 3-0. The Jets are officially for real.

–To the Denver Broncos: Please see what I said above about 3-0.

–I refuse to believe that Brett Favre will not sabotage the Vikings, just watch. He has averaged nearly two picks per game over the last six weeks of the season since 2005. Maybe if they start 10-0 he’ll convince me. Also, can someone please give Greg Lewis some credit for making that catch? Yes, Favre made a nice throw. But on the other side of it, Lewis had to leap in the air, pull it down over a defender, and get both feet down in the back of the end zone. He at least deserves to hear “great catch by Greg Lewis!” when he watches the highlights. Ok, I’ll give it up. I got gunslung.

–Who is to blame for the Redskins anemic offense? I don’t think it is Jason Campbell. I still believe he is a solid starting quarterback (he is completing over 65% of his passes and has a QB Rating over 90). However, he doesn’t have many guys that can stretch the field (Santana Moss is maddeningly inconsistent) and Clinton Portis, who I loved and think could be a hall of famer, is near the end of the line. With that said, I won’t blame people who blame the coach. The Zorn identity is struggling to find one.

–Meanwhile, congrats to the Lions. Clap for them.

–Michael Vick will make a significant impact at some point this season and DeSean Jackson is very fast at running. By the way, can we cut Donovan McNabb a break. No matter how well Kolb plays (just b/c he threw for a ton of yards last week doesn’t mean he was good. He threw 51 passes. 51. And many of them were in garbage time after he threw three picks), Donovan McNabb will be the Eagles quarterback when he comes back. Do people even realize what is coming out of their mouths sometimes?

–I don’t think it is a coincidence that the Patriots had their best offensive performance on a day where they got 100 yards rushing from Fred Taylor. They need something from the running backs to balance out their attack, particularly until Brady gets all the way back.

–The Jaguars and Texans played a nice game in the “Mediocre Bowl.”

–R.I.P. to the Dolphins and Titans. Two surprising playoff teams from a year ago that appear to be done already. Can we see what Vince Young can do now?

–I guess it is time that I give Drew Brees and the Saints the credit they deserve. As a result, I will refrain from writing them a backhanded compliment.

–I knew Ocho Cinco would have a comeback season this year (He played last season with a torn labrum. That makes reaching up and catching and getting tackled by 300 lb. roided up man-beasts very difficult). I did not know the Bengals would be good.

–And the worst team in the league title goes to…the Chiefs, the Browns, the Rams and the Bucs. It is a dead heat.

–It is crazy how big a difference there is between pretty good and elite. For instance, Peyton Manning is like 100x better than Kurt Warner. Also, Pierre Garcon is the most fun name to hear/say in the history of sports. The “c” in his name has swords built into it.

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    The Miami Dolphins playoff chances each decade is like the Kim Kardashian tape on my iMac…ONE AND DONE.

  2. Lundberg says:

    ROGUE COMMENTER…He doesn’t care if he defends him or her!

  3. eric says:

    lol @ the mediocre bowl… that was a hell of a game between 2 compelling yet mediocre teams

    the browns are in first place in the worst team category this year

    how bout them cowboys…i always hear the most important thing is stopping the run, and running, they seem to be able to do such things

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