Luke Skywalker Vs. Wolverine

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Wolverine-MillerI recently talked to Ray Park (very recently actually, see the post directly below this one), who played a part in both the Star Wars and X-Men movie franchises, and we revisited one of the world’s age old questions…Who would win: Luke Skywalker or Wolverine?

I have always found this to be a very divisive topic; nerd lines are drawn in the sand and ridiculous arguments ensue. I believe there are several things to take into consideration when discussing this battle. The first is, can a lightsaber cut through adamantium? I say no. In the Marvel Universe, adamantium is unbreakable. In Star Wars mythology, lightsabers can cut through anything, except for Cortosis Ore (this super geek item is brought you to by Ray Carsillo). Advantage: Adamantium.

The second major factor is personality type. Wolverine never quits. You can defeat him but you can never really beat him. He keeps coming back and is basically impossible to kill; not a good combination. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker is a bit of a “B”. He is annoying and he whines and cries constantly. Princess Leia has a tougher mental makeup. Advantage: Logan.

The final factor is a big one. The Force. This alone could tip the scales in Luke’s favor. Invisible forces at your control which can be used to move objects, hypnotize people or just sap the air from someone’s lungs can really come in handy in a fight. Advantage: Skywhiner.

However, is the Force enough to bring down Wolverine? I don’t think so. I have always found the Force to be very inconsistent. Sometimes the wielder can lift a plane, other times they shake like a kid having a Pokemon seizure while moving a lightsaber six feet across the ground. I don’t know what the reason is for this (plot device) but if personality plays a role than Luke Skywhiner is in a lot of trouble. Overall Advantage: Wolverine.

Eventually Wolvie will get close enough to shove his claws through Luke’s head. May the Force be with him.

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4 Responses to “Luke Skywalker Vs. Wolverine”

  1. eric says:

    the force is overrated and as you said perfectly “inconcsistent”. in the end wolverines heart, will, and ferociousness will overcome lukes superior technique and “force”

  2. Ray Carsillo says:

    Luke wins easily, especially as he gets older and actually a little badass in the expanded universe. I mean if Cyclops can become awesome in X-Men after 40 years, then Luke has to be given the benefit of the doubt that as he gets older, he becomes mentally tougher. Wolverine may be the ultimate badass, but Luke has the ultimate power set. The only way that Wolverine would be able to power through Luke’s force abilities would be to distract him with so many different items that he weakens his grip on Wolverine. Luke throws Wolverine into the sun just because he can with the force. Game over. Luke wins, no matter how much he whines.

  3. Lundberg says:

    Ray, when has Luke ever shown anywhere near the capability of throwing someone into the sun? Luke is a whiner and so was his father. Wolverine ends him.

  4. JoeRosario says:

    Its got to be Wolvie for the mere fact that when Luke gets the girl….it’s actually his sister…. Advantage non-incest

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