Most Anticipated?

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shaqI made it through the summer sports drought. Now it is time for the reward. The NFL season is three weeks deep and it is almost basketball time, *In Marv Albert voice* YES!. I can’t think of a more anticipated NBA season in recent memory. And to top it all off, I just heard that LeBron will be a free agent after the season. Here are some random thoughts about the upcoming season…

–The Lakers are loaded, no doubt about it. However, there are two storylines (other than a lack of a point guard) to watch out for in L.A…1. How will Ron Artest fit in? And I don’t mean personality wise. Artest is an inarguably tough defender and gives the Lakers a tremendous advantage in a possible Finals matchup with Paul Pierce, Vince Carter or LeBron James but on the offensive end, Artest has a penchant to stop the ball, dribble it to death, and then jack up a dumb shot. Trevor Ariza fit in the flow of the offense, Artest could disrupt it.
2. Lamar Odom married Khloe Kardashian. That can’t be good for the already flaky Odom.
With both of those things said, the Lakers should still enter the season as heavy favorites. If those question marks don’t become problems, then 70 wins is a real possibility.

–The top three in the East is just vicious.
Cleveland won 66 games last year and improved. Shaq is better than Z and gives them someone to guard Dwight Howard and Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon will improve their versatility and perimeter D. Plus, they still have the best player on the planet, who could get even better after working on his post-game over the summer (I also hear that LeBron might be a free agent at the end of the year). I think the NBA should finally get LeBron vs. Kobe for the ‘ship. LeBron + Shaq vs. Kobe + Artest=Ratings.

Orlando added Vince Carter, who is immediately the second best player on the team and the go-to guy down the stretch, a good role player in Brandon Bass and a healthy Jameer Nelson. They could be better than last season, though they don’t matchup as well with Cleveland and without Turkoglu they no longer have two 6’10 shooters on the outside.

Boston should be right back like they never left. However, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are older, KG has health questions and Rasheed Wallace basically hangs out beyond the arc and shoots threes at this point. Is the window still open a crack?

–Speaking of windows open a crack…the San Antonio Spurs are the fifth team with a legitimate chance at a title. Richard Jefferson is their fourth best player and Antonio McDyess is a bigger addition than people think.

–Kevin Durant should emerge as an absolute superstar this year. That guy can flat out light it up.

–Will Miami make a move to get Dwyane Wade some help?

–Finally, the two most important players in the LeBron sweepstakes (apparently he is a free agent after the season): A possible arena in Brooklyn AND Danilo Gallinari. If Gallinari emerges as a future star, which I think is quite possible considering he was the MVP of the Italian league at 17 (better competition than NCAA hoops), then the Knicks suddenly become an even more desirable destination for him. There is basically no difference between the rest of the Cavs and the Knicks roster + LeBron might as well wear an I *heart* New York shirt at at all times. A proven stud on the Knicks just ups the ante. Planet Earth would be a better place with LeBron playing in New York.

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  1. Ray Carsillo says:

    Hockey season starts in a week, too, Robin. 😀 Go Rangers!

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