A Serious Man

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The Coen’s are some bad ass brothers. I will see anything they do. Their latest was no exception. And much like most of their work, it was seriously good.

At this point these guys are their own business. Their films make enough money (they don’t cost much to make) and they have enough clout to put out whatever they want. Whether that be a star driven vehicle (“Burn After Reading”) or the ‘why the hell do things happen the way they do?’ tale that is “A Serious Man.” The film is open to interpretation and doesn’t leave you with any answers. You take nothing away from it other than ‘what the hell just happened?’ and yet it leaves you thinking about how it got there. My guess is that there is no reason at all. That seems to be the point of the film.

This journey to uncertainty works because of how it gets to nowhere. These guys just know how to make movies. It is stylishly shot, tightly written and odd and funny at all the right moments. I found it just as entertaining as it was discombobulating.

It was a Coen brothers movie. I don’t have to look for a reason to see it.

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  1. Ray Carsillo says:

    Bah! Give me the Mario Bros. any day of the week. The games, not the movie.

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