NFL–Week Seven Thoughts

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I have nothing insightful or funny to say here. Right to randomness…

–Gunslung Count: Favre 6, Lundberg 1. I got on the board this week. Favre’s turnovers weren’t all his fault (though he looked afraid to tackle on the fumble…tackling isn’t fun) but could it be a sign of things to come?

A big part of the reason I am down in the gunslung count is Adrian Peterson. He is a certified animal. He runs with berserker rage and is probably the most entertaining individual player in the league. Meanwhile, the Steelers have a serious chance to repeat. How many players on earth are better than Polamalu? And why is hair like his awesome in football yet annoying in basketball?

–Message to teams playing the 49ers…cover Vernon Davis. The Texans didn’t do that but they did climb over .500. I don’t think they are a real threat but they have to be looked at as a possible playoff team now.

–I take back everything even remotely good I said about the Browns last week; the Packers made sure of that. Aaron Rodgers is excellent. It is not often you replace a legend with someone as good as Rodgers.

–I hereby propose that we remove Kansas City (the Chargers finally did what they were supposed to be doing all year), Oakland (good performance by the Jets after a three game skid), Cleveland (see above), Tampa, St. Louis, Buffalo and Carolina (they played each other in the “Gross Bowl”) from the league for the duration of the season.

–Who would you take in an AFC Championship game this year: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

–The biggest surprise of the week was Cincinnati’s beat-down of Chicago. I did not see that coming at all. Perhaps I should tune into the newly formed Ocho Cinco News Network (genius by the way) before I form my opinions. He, the new and improved Cedric Benson, Carson Palmer and a performing defense have the Bengals back on my “to be taken very seriously” list. On the other side, Jay Cutler now has 10 picks in six games. He is a mistake prone player, period. This will keep him from ever becoming great.

–The Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons are both playoff caliber teams. Neither is championship caliber. However, Miles Austin has the name, look and game of a star right now.

–My Miami upset pick almost came through but the Saints’ offense simply cannot be held down for an entire game. I am still not completely sold on their D though.

–I’d be a little concerned about the Giants because of a tough upcoming schedule and because they may be just good, not great. I will not make the same mistake I did last year with the Cardinals. They have my attention.

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2 Responses to “NFL–Week Seven Thoughts”

  1. Thomas says:

    I’ll take Manning in the AFC championship game. Brady is doing way too much as of late and can get a little careless with the ball.

    Strange. Think of QB’s that played in the west coast offense, they seem to be easily replaceable. The 49’ers had Montana (MVP Super Bowl QB), who was replaced by Young (MVP, Super Bowl, QB), who was replaced by Garcia (A pro-bowl QB but still good).

    Look at Eagles, they weren’t hurting that bad when McNabb went down, Kolb had some big games. When you look at Green Bay and you see what Rogers is doing..Is it the QB’s or is it the system?

    After the bye week we’ll learn if the Giants are boys or men. They feasted on weaker competition. Will they famine against teams like the Broncos or the Cowboys who are getting hot.

  2. Justin C says:

    Yep, I am officially worried. Though I didn’t see much of the game, it looks like Sheridan is completely lost as our defensive coordinator.

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