Silver Guys On Surf Boards Are Tough

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Silver Surfer 1
Someone (Drew) asked me on my Facebook page who I thought would win between Thor and the Silver Surfer. This reminded me of something that has always annoyed me. The Silver Surfer is darn near impossible to beat. It is really aggravating.

The guy is so tough that my brother and I used to exclude him from such arguments because it wasn’t any fun to have him involved. I’ve seen a comic where the Hulk stomped on his head repeatedly and he was unfazed and talking calmly. And that was the Hulk. I repeat, the Hulk.

I guess this is all due to something called the Power Cosmic. I am not sure what that means but the Silver Surfer possesses it. And it affords him superhuman strength (lifts well north of 100 tons), invulnerability and the ability to travel at the speed of light and manipulate energy (energy manipulation is a very valuable skill in a fight). The guy can survive inside a black hole or a star. Plus, he doesn’t require food, water, sleep or air and he has healing abilities. He may look ridiculous but he is virtually unbeatable.

Thor vs. Hulk vs. Superman remains the best comic book fight argument amongst the absurdly powerful characters. Notice what name I left out. The Silver Surfer is on his own level (he’s already home) and it sure is annoying.

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7 Responses to “Silver Guys On Surf Boards Are Tough”

  1. Roy says:

    you can include the Sentry to this list…… though I think Superman can is at the same level as the Surfer..

  2. lundberg says:

    The Sentry is a tool (and the Hulk sort of beat him). I always think of Thor, Hulk and Superman on the same level.

  3. Roy says:

    I don’t know…..Supes can beat Thor and Hulk..I think he can be more powerful than the surfer as well..

    How about Captain Marvel?

  4. lundberg says:

    I disagree. Hulk beats Superman to death. If Doomsday can do it, Hulk can do it. Hulk is the strongest one there is.

    Captain Marvel and the Sentry seem like the same guy to me.

  5. Roy says:

    Superman lost to Doomsday because he was sporting a mullet back in the early 90’s..

  6. Ray Carsillo says:

    Sentry actually beat the Hulk since Hulk was on the rampage and Sentry was called in to quell it so even though it was a draw (they both exhausted each other until they reverted back to their human forms) Sentry would technically be given the victory, even though I agree that he is a tool. I also hate both Silver Surfer and Superman. Ray strongest there is now. Ray smash.

  7. Roy says:

    oh i agree i hate superman too but I give him his props….he is the most powerful superhero…

    and BTW, regarding the Batman vs. Iron Post, Batman would totally beat Iron Man……Batman, would have had a program put in Tony’s suit that if they ever were to fight, Batman would have complete control of the Iron Man suit before tony start even knew what was going on….

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