Redemption Song

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vince-young-titans-missing-police-suicide-watch-collinsI have a lot invested in Vince Young’s performance. I championed dude. Hard. After seeing his epic performance against USC and his early success in the NFL, I wasn’t sure he wouldn’t go on to become the greatest quarterback of all time. I loved him.

Then he had his emotional breakdown (or whatever happened) and was replaced by graybeard Kerry Collins. This gave his haters a chance to come out and play. And boy did they ever. They basically urinated on his career grave. He became a laughingstock and the gang mentality went to work. Man do some people love it when a quarterback who runs fails. Why do you think that is?

I tried to fight back. I said, even when he has struggled, he has still won. But my confidence was eventually shaken. There is only so much one can do against a tsunami of ridicule, especially when the subject of said ridicule had apparently gone cuckoo. Everyone was clowning him and I had to shut up. I refused to admit defeat though. I said he will get one more chance before I jump off the Titanic.

Now he has gotten that chance and I’m starting to feel like I was right the whole time. It is only four games so it is too early to make any definitive statements but I am seeing why I fell in love in the first place. This dude is nasty. His ability to convert crucial third downs with his legs cannot be understated. And now that he is paired with Speedy Gonzalez (Chris Johnson) he may get even better. Those dudes are running the option on fools (I was always told that wouldn’t work in the NFL–never understood why). Imagine if he had a receiver like Andre Johnson, though Kenny Britt could turn out pretty good.

This is probably the time when someone will direct me to his pedestrian passing numbers. I will respond with two numbers, 22-11. Vince Young is 22-11 as a starter. That is good (67%). It is a relatively small sample size (still two full seasons) but it puts him in the company of Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb and the rest of the truly elite quarterbacks. I think he will stay there.

Remember when Vince said he would wind up in the Hall of Fame? Many people couldn’t guffaw hard enough. I wasn’t laughing. I’m still not. I believe him.

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