NFL–Week 12 Thoughts

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I have had a good year picking games. I couldn’t have had a worse week…

Quickly on the Thanksgiving games:
–I am totally off the Giants bandwagon. They looked terrible. And I have joined the anti-Gilbride brigade (play calling might be an even bigger issue now due to Eli’s injury status). It would take a drastically different performance in the next two weeks for me to regain any faith in them. I don’t expect so see it.

–Dallas is playing pretty well. It looks like Wade Phillips and Tony Romo will get a chance to shake their postseason reputations.

–Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback and the Packers are a solid team but I doubt they make any noise when it matters. Does anyone else find it difficult to take Matt Millen seriously as an analyst? I am a better NFL G.M. than he is (not even kidding). The Lions are still suffering from his reign of terror.

On to Sunday and backhanded compliment time:

–The Colts sure do win a ton of games it looks like they are going to lose. Winning every game is a good thing. Especially when you can do it without Dwight Freeney. They deserve credit. Meanwhile, Matt Schaub continues to convince me that he is a much better fantasy quarterback than he is a real one.

–The Redskins are playing more and more like the 8-8 kind of team I thought they’d be. Nice work by the Eagles taking care of business. Though they remain one of the worst short yardage teams in history.

–Jake Delhomme is an embarrassment. They need to play someone else, even if Matt Moore and A.J. Feely are the only options. Mark Sanchez was solid which is a big improvement over his recent Delhommesque performances.

–Speaking of quarterback changes, it seems the Bills should have been playing Ryan Fitzpatrick all year (that is the type of sentence that means you are not a good team). His mobility gives them a little something and T.O. has been a different guy since he took over. Owens may not be what he once was but he can still play. Unfortunately, this loss (along with the loss of Ronnie Brown–Ricky has looked great but that two man rotation was devastating) probably ended Miami’s playoff hopes.

–That Bucs-Falcons game was not good for watching. Atlanta kept its playoff hopes alive. I doubt they get there though, particularly with an ailing Michael Turner and Matt Ryan.

–I thought the Rams might beat the Seahawks. I was wrong. Wait for it…I hate the NFC West.

–16-7 was the perfect score for Bengals-Browns. Cincy is good but they don’t blow anyone out (one win by 10 or more points). They are now a very impressive 6-0 in the division.

–San Francisco defeated Jacksonville in this week’s edition of the “Thoroughly Mediocre Bowl.”

–Beware the Chargers. The only question is, will they lose in the Divisional or Conference Championship round?

–Gunslung Count: Favre 10, Lundberg. I am getting gunslung harder than anyone has ever been gunslung before. When they fixed Favre’s arm, did they fix the decision making part of his brain and the rest of his body too? If Brett can avoid his typical postseason debacle, I may need to add to the catchphrase. You just got gunslung…straight to hell.

–Vince Young Redemption Watch: 23-11 as a starter. 9-0 in his last nine (not that I’m keeping track). Every single hater will have to shut up if he can manage to beat Peyton next week. On the other side, it was nice to see that Matt Leinart played reasonably well. Much like with Vince, I don’t understand how people came to the conclusion that he would never be a good quarterback.

–That felt like a Ravens-Steelers game. A couple weeks ago I thought Pittsburgh might repeat. I still don’t think that is impossible but they need to get right and healthy real fast for it to happen.

–I am done sleeping/fronting on the Saints. They are good. I have criticized their defense but it certainly looked fast Monday night. And no one is going to beat them if they don’t get pressure on Drew Brees. I am not sure I have seen that happen all year.

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  1. Dan says:

    ok the colts are going to lose in the playoffs if they keep pulling lucky games out. the people on espn said the texens were playing playoff football and they were blowing them out, then they sort of gave the rest of the game away.

    is it really true that farve askes for not 1, not 2 but a 3 years extension? idk if i can handle getting gunslung for 3 more years

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