Knicks/Cavs Expansion Draft

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The Cavs outmuscled the Lakers last night (without Mo Williams) and watching that game convinced me that the NBA will finally get its dream Finals matchup this year. (I am of the mentality that LeBron winning this season is the best thing that could happen for the Knicks. Then he could leave Cleveland with a clean conscience.) Anyway, I did an NFL Conference Championships expansion draft earlier this week and I thought I’d do another one to answer this question: Which team is better, the Knicks or the rest of the Cavs? Here are my top ten selections (I am drafting for the future, not right now)…

1. LeBron James: Duh. I just wanted to throw him in here so I can express more man-love. The best player in the league and the only guy I have ever seen who has a chance to surpass Michael Jordan.

2. Danilo Gallinari: This is basically his rookie year and he is averaging 15ppg (in 31 minutes) while canning over 40% of his threes. He isn’t just a shooter though, he is a good basketball player. I see him as a super version of Peja Stojakovic. Plus, he’s got swag.

3. David Lee: I’ve always championed Lee while somehow finding ways to sleep on him a bit. The guy is just efficient. He can finish with both hands (hence a career 56% shooter), is a great passer and is one of the league’s better rebounders. The one problem is that it may be difficult for the Knicks to pay him and sign LeBron.

4. Anderson Varejao: Such a valuable player. He is awesome while kind of sucking. His game is not pretty but he is so active and annoying and moves without the ball as good as any big man. Every team could use him.

5. Nate Robinson: This is the one people will kill me for but I don’t care. Nate is ridiculously talented. The little bugger averaged over 25 points per game for over a month last season and his 41 point explosion against Atlanta this season proves that he can singlehandedly win a game for you. Yes, he is a spazz and can make some knucklehead plays. And yes he likely won’t be a Knick next season. Still, he is going to be a dynamite sixth man for a really good team. Watch.

6. Wilson Chandler: Young and versatile. Chandler is 6’8 and can score and defend. He needs to show more consistent aggression to move up on this list.

7. Delonte West: Tough as nails. He plays great defense and can create just enough offensively to be a threat. His insanity knocks him down a few pegs. I’d be a little concerned about relying on an undersized, bi-polar guard who sometimes thinks he is Rambo.

8. Mo Williams: This may be a little low. I like Mo Willie but he is too inconsistent for my tastes. He can score in bunches but can also disappear for long stretches (see 2009 playoffs). Maybe he will prove me wrong this year.

9. Jordan Hill: He has been unfairly ridiculed at times. Dude has barely seen the court. For that reason I can’t put him any higher on this list but I have liked what I’ve seen. He is athletic, long, active and has a nice jumper. I think people would evaluate him more favorably if he cut his hair.

10. J.J. Hickson: Raw and athletic. He’s got potential but his game needs a lot of work.

The current Knicks are more talented than the Cavs sans LeBron (the Cavs play better D and are more physical though). Will they have enough flexibility to keep that intact and add pieces to prove that they will be better in the future?…

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3 Responses to “Knicks/Cavs Expansion Draft”

  1. james says:

    hah sorry man he ain’t leaving cleveland.

  2. Danny says:

    I think you have to consider Daniel Gibson. He is a solid clutch shooter and for some reason Mike Brown hardly ever plays him since acquiring Mo Williams. Remember when he put up 31 in the Conference finals to end Detroit’s Eastern Conference reign? Remember when Mo Williams missed every important 3 in last year’s conference final against inferior defenders (Alston/an injured Nelson)? Some more evidence. Just saying.

    Game 1 2008
    M. Williams 6-19 field, 2-8 3
    D. Gibson 3:14

    Games 2
    M. Williams 7-21 field, 1-6 3
    D. Gibson 0:16

    Game 3
    M. Williams 5-16 field, 3-10 3
    D. Gibson 2:56

    Game 4
    M. Williams 5-15 field, 0-3 3
    D. Gibson 21:17, 2-5 3

    Game 5
    M. Williams 7-14 field, 6-9 3
    D. Gibson 21:37, 3-4 3

    Game 6
    M. Williams 6-12 field, 3-4 3
    D. Gibson 20:38 1-2 3

    M. Williams series totals
    37.5% from 3
    37.1% from field

    Game 1 2006
    D. Gibson 0-4 field, 0-2 3, 5:13

    Game 2
    D. Gibson 3-8 field, 3-7 3, 19:59

    Game 3
    D. Gibson 2-4 field, 2-3 3, 29:29

    Game 4
    D. Gibson 4-7 field, 1-4 3, 35:18

    Game 5
    D. Gibson 2-7 field, 1-3 3, 30:25

    Game 6
    D. Gibson 7-9 field, 5-5 3, 29:02

    D. Gibson series totals
    50% from 3
    46.1% from field

    D. Gibson – 42% career from 3
    M. Williams – 39.3% career from 3

  3. Lundberg's brother says:

    There is a reason why Gibson barely ever plays. And it’s not because he is a good player. One fluke stretch of games in the playoffs does not a good player make. I won’t bother wasting my time detailing how ludicrous the choice of Gallinari at #2 is.

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