NFL–Conference Championship Picks

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First off, let me start by making this clear; I have no idea what is going to happen. With that said, I like the underdogs…

Minnesota (+3.5) over New Orleans: I have been hating on the Saints all season and it hasn’t gotten me very far. I wanted to pick with them this week. I can’t. It is tough to go against Drew Brees and his track stars in their own building but there are two reasons I am going to do so. The Vikings defensive line and Adrian Peterson. The Williams brothers should be able to get a push and Jared Allen will be in seek and destroy mode (he needs to start putting busts of quarterbacks on his wall; that would be a good gimmick for him). I think they’ll do just enough to disrupt Brees’ rhythm. Meanwhile, the Saints rush defense was mediocre at best this season. A.P. will finally have that breakout game. He will run with berserker rage. (There is a 100% chance I just jinxed Favre. Take the Saints.)

New York (+7.5) over Indianapolis: I have spent my entire sports watching life championing defense over offense. Now doesn’t seem like a good time to stop. The Jets D has been superb (they’ve surrendered just 9 points per game over their last 8). They will frustrate Peyton Manning and be in the game until the very end. The problem for Rex Ryan’s team is that the Colts have a pretty good defense themselves. It is fast and features a hellacious pass rush. I don’t think the Jets can survive another week with training wheels Mark Sanchez. Indy by a touchdown.

So, I guess I am predicting a Favre-Manning Super Bowl and the end of the world as we know it. Prepare to hear more praise than you have ever heard before.

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