NFL–Conference Championship Thoughts

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Those of you who championed the two best teams early in the season were right. Those who doubted (me) were wrong. Why didn’t I see that the Colts and Saints were the best? They only won almost all of their games. This Super Bowl matchup is a fitting end to the season…

–Peyton Manning is now hate-proof. He looked shaky early. Then he found his mismatches and exploited them. He is a coach and a player. And he is great at both.

–Pierre Garcon is fun to say. When you add sak pase it is even better.

–The Colts defense is not big but it is fast. It is as good as any Peyton’s played with.

–That Jets defense is a pass rushing D-lineman (they have to blitz to pressure) and another corner away (Dwight Lowery got picked on) from being special.

–The jury is still out on Mark Sanchez but this game was a big check in the positive column.

–Thomas Jones has had a good career. He is a hard worker and has been a very good back for a long time. His odometer is pointing in the wrong direction. They should let him go. It won’t be long before he becomes a ghost of himself like most running backs do (it happens almost over night; it may have already happened). Shonn Greene and Leon Washington is a promising combo going forward.

–Rex Ryan wears a large sweater vest.

–Adrian Peterson is a special runner. He is also a special fumbler. It looked like he lubed the ball up and then squeezed it too hard. Apparently it is contagious.

–The Saints defense deserves some credit. I have hated on them but they have caused turnovers all year. At some point it can’t be luck or coincidence. They are just good at it. They just need to get better at stopping the other team from moving the ball all over them.

–Reggie Bush is one win away from marriage and becoming Lamar Odom’s brother-in-law.

–Look. I don’t want to clown the dude too hard. But he had almost won me over. He was getting punished and eating it like an action hero. He was living a movie. And then…FUNBALL! It is like God wants Brett Favre’s last pass to be an interception. His comeback was entertaining and at times startling. But it must be done. Hey, Minnesota Vikings and all NFL fans…(on the count of three: 1, 2, 3)…YOU JUST GOT GUNSLUNG!

–They should implement my coin toss idea for the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning and Drew Brees stand back-to-back at midfield, take ten paces, turn around and call heads or tails. It should be a heck of a duel. Brees has a chance to cement his status and Manning has a chance to lay claim to the greatest of all time title. Still, I am a bit concerned about seeing little hearts floating around analysts’ heads for the next two weeks.

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2 Responses to “NFL–Conference Championship Thoughts”

  1. james says:

    Colts – 31 Saints – 28

    *Side note – it turns out brett farve was playing as the Colts qb the whole game (farve jumped manning in the locker room) and gets his last gunslinging of his career.

  2. Dan says:

    Farve is not retiring, hell come back to get the super bowl he wants (and to stick it to the packers and all his haters) and he has a great chance to do it next year with the vikings but then again if he wins one super bowl knowing him hell try to win a second ring. then hell offically retire for good and spend the rest of of his life somewhere in football probably as the figure head for the NFL haha

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