Cyclops Vs. Storm

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Drew Brees and Peyton Manning are playing in the Super Bowl. That got me to thinking about quarterbacks. Somehow, I am now transitioning to Cyclops vs. Storm. I guess they are the quarterbacks of the X-Men. So, if it came down to it, who is the superior leader (or at least fighter)?…

Cyclops has held the position longer and more often. He has also become infinitely more badass recently. The X-Men’s boy scout is now their militant leader. Recently he has taken on the government and sent Professor X packing. He is not to be played with.

Meanwhile, Storm controls the weather. The weather is powerful. It features wind and lightning. Also, she is a supremely skilled hand-to-hand fighter (trained by Wolverine). In fact, she is so good that she was able to lead the team for a period even with her powers temporarily disabled. And who did she beat up to usurp leadership of the team? Scott Summers. If it is decided by fisticuffs, she may emerge victorious again (he is no slouch in this department either).

It might not come down to that though because of Cyke’s optic blasts. They are powerful enough to pulverize steel and rock so I am pretty sure they could do some damage to Ororo if one was to connect. However, I think she could use hurricane winds and hail to throw off his aim. And then one well placed bolt should be enough to incapacitate him.

I’d probably still take Cyclops to lead my imaginary team but one-on-one, Storm has the edge.

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3 Responses to “Cyclops Vs. Storm”

  1. Ray Carsillo says:

    Storm would win because her attacks can come from any direction where as Cyclops has to at least be facing his target. Even though the power of his blasts have been upped over the years to where he can vaporize organics instantly, when the lightning can come from anywhere, and if Cyke can’t see her when she’s hiding the clouds, he can shoot lasers till he’s blue in the face. The weather witch wins.

  2. Not to mention, she can single handedly do more damage to the MLB than steroids.

  3. Jeff Smejkal says:

    Storm would win. She has blocked his beam before with lightning, as shown above, and again with wind shear. He has no defense to her powers. I think a h2h fight would be pretty close betweem them, but I think she would edge out a win there too.

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