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It is the bye week before the Super Bowl (YAY FOR THE PRO BOWL!) and as a result, a slow news week. So I thought I’d take the time to tackle a bunch of smaller topics (and Greg Oden).

–Attention famous guys: Never, ever, ever press send on anything that could potentially get you in trouble. This includes text messages, e-mail and voicemail (see Woods, Tiger). People are jerks. They’d post pictures of an eight time Olympic gold medalist smoking pot if they could. Wait, they already did that. Also, it is probably a good idea not to take naked pictures of yourself period. Before you point the camera at the mirror, ask yourself this…Why? The answer will not justify the action in this case. And if you feel you must do it, then at least don’t put your face in the picture. I feel bad for Greg Oden. He seemed like a great guy when I interviewed him before he was drafted. He has had nothing but bad luck since. He made a silly mistake. I’m just glad he didn’t rupture his urethra in the process.

–I cannot stand watching Chris Duhon play basketball on a regular basis.

–It looks like Floyd Mayweather will fight Shane Mosley and then try and rekindle the Pacquiao showdown. If he can win both fights, every brash word he ever uttered will be backed up.

–NASA is working on a personal flying suit. It is about time. Screw Mars.

This is a dream come true. Indonesia is allowing people to adopt tigers in an attempt to keep them from extinction. I would do this in a second if I had an extra $100,000 and wasn’t afraid of owning tigers.

–LeBron James is spectacular.

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2 Responses to “Observations”

  1. Jay says:

    Just let Nate start at point, and have douglas come off the bench. LeBron, Wade and any other talent are NOT coming to NY. The Knicks are officially the Clippers of the East. A team with a bunch of cash that can’t get a superstar to take it.

    Kidd is 50 years old and turned down the knicks
    Grant Hill lost his game 10 years ago and still wouldn’t take the offer
    Ramon Sessions can’t beat a rookie for playing time
    Wade thinks NY is too cold
    LeBron… secretly laughing at the Knicks, why would he come to a team that helps his Highlight reel everytime he plays against them?

    Dantoni is really not that great of a coach and Walsh couldn’t recognize talent if it slapped him. At least Isiah had a plan and knew how to draft talent…

    Isiah did play a little bit too much NBA2k/NBALive with the trades and signings he’d make. But he would save himself with the draft.

    Aaah the good ol days of 23 wins and Crawford to Curry alley-oops

  2. lundberg says:

    I agree w/ you about giving Nate Duhon’s minutes. Their four best players are Lee, Chandler, Gallinari and Nate. They should play. I’ll work on the super hero mission.

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