Sunday Funday

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From the beginning of September until the end of January, I know what I am doing on Sunday. Watching football. Today was the first Sunday in a while where I didn’t really have that option. However, there was a bevy of other choices in its place (of course I’m doing a radio show tonight and won’t be able to watch most of what I am writing about but theoretically it is nice)…

–The NBA is back on ABC. I wish I could have written NBC instead; if for no other reason than to hear the old-school theme in my head. Nevertheless, there is something about Sunday games that make them feel more important. Maybe it is because it means the All-Star break and thus the playoffs are just around the corner. Either way, the big game on the docket today was Lakers-Celtics. It didn’t disappoint. Rajon Rondo is currently Boston’s best player. Rondo is excellent but that is a problem for them. Another problem is that Kevin Garnett is basically playing on one leg. I, like most people, see an L.A.-Cleveland, Kobe-LeBron Finals (of course I said the same thing last year). That would be good for planet Earth.

–I keep hearing people talk about how to fix the Pro Bowl. There is nothing inherently wrong with the Pro Bowl. The problem is that football does not lend itself to an All-Star game. If you want to fix the Pro Bowl then have them play a different sport. No one wants to go to a nice place, enjoy warm weather and then attempt to smash other humans while putting their own bodies at risk with nothing on the line. There is no point in complaining about it. I think I’d prefer to watch a better promoted skills competition. Have the quarterbacks on a timer, throwing the ball at various targets. Have a machine fire balls at wide receivers and give them a point for every reception. And put a ton of charity money on the line. I’d probably watch something like that.

–I like the idea of the Grammy’s. But like most awards, they are meaningless. Who the hell are the voters? How the hell are selections made? Depending on the performers, it can make for a good TV show. But seeing the words “Grammy Award Winner” next to an artist’s name does nothing for me.

–Two words that do mean something to me are “Royal Rumble.” Vince McMahon has had his fair share of good ideas in the past. The Rumble might take the cake. 30 guys get random numbers and someone enters every two minutes. This allows for so many possibilities. A superstar lasting the entire time, a big name drawing 30, a dominant guy cleaning house and waiting for the next entrant, surprise appearances and a ring chock-full of wrestlers are all likely to take place at some point. The idea is so good that my brother and I used to write wrestlers on little sheets of paper, put them into a hat and act out our own Royal Rumble (we stopped after my 21st birthday). Kudos to you Mr. McMahon.

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5 Responses to “Sunday Funday”

  1. Were you producing or were you a talent? Is it every Sunday night?

  2. lundberg says:

    I was talent. No idea on the future of it.

  3. Justin C says:

    Coop was taking some abuse yesterday. Though I must say, he was very mild and the health segment was awesome.

  4. Roy says:

    hey where were you on the radio? were you back on with the Max?

  5. lundberg says:

    Not this time. I did a show with Nick Stevens and Jon Rothstein on 1050.

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