Dracula-Werewolf Vs. Alien-Predator

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For some reason watching “The Wolfman” got me to thinking about a good matchup for a werewolf (I don’t need much incentive). When I was thinking about said matchup, I also got to thinking about super-powered combinations (I don’t need much incentive for that either).

“Underworld” hinted at a vampire-werewolf hybrid. Similarly, “Alien Vs. Predator” alluded to an amalgamation of the two species. Just because those movies sucked doesn’t mean the ideas should go to waste…hence, Dracula-Werewolf Vs. Alien-Predator. (I went with Dracula for maximum potential.)

This is a particularly even contest. Dracula gives his side the edge in cunning and intelligence. Combined with the Wolfman’s raw power, that makes a formidable threat. However, Predator’s advanced hunting skills and technology, in unison with Alien’s natural self-preservation instincts, might simply be too much to overcome. It really comes down to who can figure out the proper way to kill the other. Would the Predator-Alien be able to decipher that silver bullets and wooden stakes will be of more use than ray- guns? Would Dracula-Werewolf be able to withstand contact with his opponent’s acidic blood?

In the end, I’m going with Dracula-Werewolf for a few reasons…Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver and Sanaa Lathan. If normal humans like them can beat Predator or Alien (or earn its respect in Lathan’s case) than I can’t see Dracula-Werewolf meeting defeat. An immortal demon and a monstrous wolf that combine to make a deadly wolf-bat wins the day. (Or the night to be more appropriate.)

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One Response to “Dracula-Werewolf Vs. Alien-Predator”

  1. gege says:

    no matter what hunter is, against a demon have no chance. Demons power are far beyond the technology. A predator, alien or terminator have a lifting power of few tons, a demon is far far more stronger. And what use the technology, when eyes of the predator cannot see the demon moving because of speed. So i go for the demon, he would rip the predator or alien in pieces.

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