The Summer of LeBron

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It is upon us…

Knicks GM Donnie Walsh is swinging for the fences. The Cavaliers just made a shrewd pickup. The Lakers are still loaded and a LeBron-Kobe Finals appears to be on the horizon. The NBA is in for a heck of a Summer.

Of course, ultimately, the biggest moment will come when King James puts ink to paper. The question is, what team will be on the other end of that contract? And it is now a legitimate question.

The Cavs addition of Antawn Jamison, which I like better for them in the present then the rumored Amare Stoudemire acquisition, makes them the clear favorites in the East, if not the entire league. Jamison doesn’t need the ball to contribute and his combination of shooting, rebounding and awkward finishes gives Cleveland a tremendous forward rotation. Orlando is the only team with a chance (a slim one) of upsetting them en route to a showdown with the Lakers. I

On the other hand, Donnie Walsh has put himself in a position to realize his plan. New York has over $30 million in cap space. They could sign two max free agents. LeBron could have a bona fide running mate. Basketball could return to the Garden. A dynasty could be born and the Knicks could replace the Yankees as the number one team going.

LeBron is from the Cleveland area. The Cavs organization has done its best to build a contender around him. There is a strong chance he stays right where he’s at. However, LeBron also clearly has a crush on New York. And he has a chance to become a legend and the biggest star on the planet. Winning in the Big Apple would make him immortal.

I really don’t know what is going to happen over the next few months. I do know it is going to be a thrilling ride.

*Personally I think the Cavs winning the title could increase his chances of leaving. Then he can say, ‘I brought you a championship and am now ready for the next chapter in my life.’ It would allow him to leave without a guilty conscience. At least that’s how I’d be thinking if I were him (I am nothing like him).*

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  1. james says:

    very valid points…but Lebron his all about loyalty and family. Dan Gilbert and him are close friends and he will do anything for lebron and he knows this. They continue to make trades to help the team out and I think winning a title will for sure make him want to stay here and build a dynasty. Maybe in new york winning a championship would be huge, however living here in cleveland bringing home a championship would shut this city down for months!
    Should be interesting but for our sake he better not leave, we might as well shut everything down then hah

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