Anaconda Vs. Gorilla

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There is absolutely nothing interesting going on. When that is the case I tend to struggle for something to occupy my mind. This can often lead to a hypothetical animal matchup. Today is no different. Hence, gorilla vs. anaconda.

This bout is about as even as you will ever see (or hope to see). The largest anacondas come in at about 30 ft. and 500 lbs. That is a lot of snake. The silverback stands close to 6 ft. tall and also tips the scales around 500. But while their size might be similar, their attacking styles differ dramatically.

The anaconda is going to look to get the drop on its massive ape opponent. The snake would then attempt to use constriction to suck the life out of its foe. On the other hand, the gorilla would try to capitalize on its agility by dodging the anaconda’s attempts and would fire back in the form of clubbing blows and vicious bites.

The ultimate winner is tough to call. If the anaconda is able to get around the gorilla’s neck, it is curtains. Despite all its brute force the primate would not be able to escape. However, it would only take a few gorilla punches to inflict serious damage. The anaconda has no chance if it is on the defensive.

I’m going to go with the gorilla’s dazzling combination of strength, speed and intelligence. I think the ape would be able avoid getting wrapped up long enough to land some crippling blows. Eventually, the anaconda would become nothing more than a conquest doubling as a toy. Gorillas really like to play with stuff they just destroyed.

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3 Responses to “Anaconda Vs. Gorilla”

  1. Dan says:

    I think the anaconda only if it uses gorilla warfare (no pun) intended even so I think the anaconda is to slimy and fast for an ape

  2. lundberg says:

    Snakes aren’t slimy though

  3. Blizz says:

    The real question is where is the fight taking place? If we’re talking on the shoreline of a river…the anaconda has a distinct advantage

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