Mets/Jets Complex

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That Mets/Jets fan inferiority complex is at it again. But this time it is coming from Jets owner Woody Johnson. Talk about things starting from the top! *cymbal crash*

Johnson is upset because Roger Goodell held a coin flip to determine which team (Giants or Jets) would open their new stadium. He’s particularly peeved that team representatives weren’t there to witness said flip, thus implying favoritism towards the G-Men. Sounds like someone who has a complex to me.

It is time for Jets and Mets fans to get over this. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Do you think Robin could ever succeed on his own if he was obsessed with being Batman’s second fiddle? And Robin went on to become to Nightwing (everyone reading this just said ‘who is Nightwing?’). Anyway, the point is that you can’t carve out your own identity if you have that sort of complex. Unless you want that complex to be your identity.

Woody Johnson thinks the NFL might have favored the Giants. If it were true, the league would’ve gotten it right. The Giants are a bigger deal. Even the Jets think so.

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