Cheetah Vs. Komodo Dragon

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This matchup was inspired by the greatest show in the history of television, “Life”, featuring Oprah as the voice of Earth. The first episode profiled a komodo dragon biting (they have venomous saliva) a buffalo and then proceeding to stalk it, along with other dragons, for three weeks until it became too weak to defend itself. The second featured a group of cheetahs bringing down a very large ostrich. Alas, cheetah vs. komodo dragon.

Size-wise this is a pretty fair contest. The cheetah is nearly the smallest of the big cats, coming in around four feet long and somewhere between 80-140 lbs. The dragon is a massive lizard at close to ten feet long and 150 lbs. The komodo has a slight edge in mass and is also low to the ground, allowing it to strike at the legs of the taller cat.

However, for any advantage the dragon has in size, the cheetah makes up for it via speed and quickness and in spades (or spots, hahahahahahaha). Yes, it can run at 70mph but the bigger advantage comes with its lightning quick reflexes. If you know me, you know that I’m taking the cat in almost every matchup. Cats are the apex fighters. Their athleticism and reaction time is unmatched. That counts when you are also armed with power, sharp claws and large teeth.

I see this playing out like a smaller scale version of tiger vs. crocodile (see how that turns out here). I believe the cheetah will dodge the dragon’s bites and eventually mount its back, dig in with claws and bite at the neck until the lizard is devoid of life. However, if the dragon is able to land a clean blow, the cat may be too injured to carry out that plan of attack and even if the bite is a flesh wound, the damage may surface at a later date, with the cheetah winning the battle but the war ending in a draw as it slowly becomes sickly and can no longer sustain life in the wild.

The cheetah is the winner here, sort of.

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