Don’t Be Like Mike?

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The Tiger Woods saga never seems to end. Admittedly, I remain entertained by some of it, particularly the latest article from Vanity Fair, which covers a few of his affairs in lurid detail and also implies that Woods was corrupted by a couple of similarly famous fellows…namely, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. In fact, this excerpt from the New York Post quotes a Tiger advisor who told him of Jordan, “Stay away from that son of a bitch, because he doesn’t have anything to offer to the f- – -ing world in which he lives except playing basketball…”.

This doesn’t surprise me. Jordan is infamous for his hard partying, gambling and womanizing ways. And Tiger was a nerd. His real name is Eldrick, he got called Urkel by teammates at Stanford and he is clearly an awkward communicator. Perhaps he felt cool by chilling with and emulating Mike. Or maybe it was just fun. What it did get me to thinking about though is the tired question of whether athletes are role models (the aforementioned Charles Barkley has made clear his stance on this issue).

Has Michael Jordan been a bad influence on America’s youth? I find this sort of talk silly. Whether he corrupted Tiger or not is irrelevant. Tiger had direct contact with his Airness, something most people will never have. In the end, Tiger is his own dude, however, he hung with Michael the man, not Michael the basketball player and celebrity. (Somehow I don’t think MJ was responsible for Tiger picking up a Perkins waitress in Orlando.)

Personally, I have never looked up to an athlete as a model for how to live my life. I wasn’t interested in what they were like behind closed doors. Not even as a little kid. I looked up to athletes for their prowess in their sport. I admired Michael Jordan for his ability to play basketball. When I thought of “being like Mike”, I thought of flying through the air with my tongue wagging, not of wagging my tongue at girls and wagering inordinate amounts of cash on a hand of blackjack.

Besides, it is subjective whether one even disapproves of such behavior. I don’t and have never cared what a pro athlete does on his own time, barring extreme examples such as decapitating people (O.J.) or having pregnant girls murdered (Rae Carruth). I don’t think I’m in the minority with that stance either.

Ok, social point over. Time to go have a sex romp and gamble my ass off.

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  1. Lundberg's brother says:

    If you don’t look up to athletes then why have you based your entire existence on trying to emulate The Rock?

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