NBA First Round Picks

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The NBA playoffs are my favorite sporting event so expect to read/hear a ton about them. (If you don’t like that, get your own website.) There are only three teams I believe can win the title (Cleveland, LA, Orlando) but that doesn’t mean the rest of the action won’t be exciting. On to the picks…

Western Conference:

1. Lakers vs 8. Thunder–This series will be fascinating because of the Kobe-Durant duel. It won’t be fascinating because the outcome is in doubt. Durant will have one or two 40-plus point games; the Lakers will win the series in five. Then again, Russell Westbrook will undoubtably eviscerate Derek Fisher so it could be a bit more competitive than that.

2. Mavericks vs 7. Spurs–San Antonio played a bit better down the stretch and they certainly know what it takes to win this time of year. However, Brendan Haywood gives Dallas the size to handle Tim Duncan and their overall roster is better at this point (particularly with Tony Parker coming off an injury). I’ll take the Mavs in seven. Though I wouldn’t be shocked if Manu Ginobili took the series over.

3. Suns vs 6. Blazers–Portland is simply too banged up. Brandon Roy may or may not play and even if he does, it’ll be on a torn meniscus. And all of their big guys are hurt so they won’t be able to take advantage of Phoenix’s lack of size and physicality. Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire will pick and roll them out in five, maybe six.

4. Nuggets vs 5. Jazz–*Update: Injuries to Kirilenko and Okur have doomed the Jazz* This is an incredible first round series. I’ll go with Denver because I think Chauncey Billups is strong enough to deal with Deron Williams but Utah does have some guys to throw at Carmelo Anthony (Andrei Kirilenko). This should go the distance. Denver in seven.

Eastern Conference:

1. Cavs vs 8. Bulls–This will not be close. Chicago is immersed in turmoil and they don’t have the offense to put a scare in Cleveland. Unless Derrick Rose takes a game over, the LeBrons sweep.

2. Magic vs 7. Bobcats–Charlotte is long and plays some good defense. They just don’t have talent to play with Orlando. Dwight Howard will put the gimpy Tyson Chandler and the old Theo Ratliff in foul trouble. Then he will feast on DeSagana Diop. Magic in five.

3. Hawks vs 6. Bucks–This would be a long series if Andrew Bogut was healthy. As is, Milwaukee plays good defense and plays hard. That will be enough to win a game or two. Atlanta is too athletic to lose more than that. Hawks in six.

4. Celtics vs 5. Heat–Interesting series. In the end, Dwyane Wade can’t beat Boston by himself, even if they are aging and have the corpse of Rasheed Wallace playing heavy minutes. They will win a couple games though. C’s in six.

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  1. Dan says:

    Dont sleep on the bobcats, trust me. Everyone is talking about how the spurs have the potential to upset the lakers but i dont by into the spurs hype

  2. Justin C says:

    That’s not happening..

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