Ode To South Park

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southpark_tearlickConsidering they just had their utterly brilliant 200th episode and I don’t feel like doing anything new, I figured now was as good a time as any to rehash this gushing over South Park. Sometimes I can’t believe how good this show can be.

It started as a funny but unpolished cartoon. Then it was made into a rather hilarious movie. After that (season five), Trey Parker and Matt Stone mastered the art of the screenplay. There is no better evidence of this than “Team America: World Police” one of the greatest parodies, and movies period, that I have ever seen. I am fairly sure these guys could teach a class on script writing.

Their mastery of story structure, combined with an expanded universe of characters (Randy Marsh and Butters join Cartman as some of the best characters ever) really put the show over the top. That and F you money. Those guys got so rich that they weren’t and aren’t afraid of skewering anything or anybody. At some point they turned the show into their own personal commentary/soap box and have absolutely roasted the likes of Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and Mickey Mouse (just to name a few) ever since. Sure they have had down episodes and seasons but you always know they will return with a vengeance and several classics. No show has ever made me laugh more.

Longevity is extremely tough to achieve. Longevity combined with excellence puts you in rarified air. How many shows make it 14 seasons? How many shows are still awesome in their 14th season? South Park might just be one of one.

Quite simply, South Park is the best show ever. And just for good measure, South Park>>>>>>>>>Family Guy (unnecessary but I just feel like saying or writing that whenever I get the chance). RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!

And oh yeah, Tom Cruise is a fudge packer.

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2 Responses to “Ode To South Park”

  1. eric says:

    agreed…best shot ever. tonights was awesome. and the picture you used is from my favorite episode ever (although the hardly boys, and the gay fish are up there as well)

  2. Biznezz says:

    second that!

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