Noah’s Bark

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People who don’t like trash talk are dumb. Trash talk makes any game or series more interesting. Just ask Prince…”Game, Blouses.”

The Bulls are going to be swept by the Cavs. But at least it will be a sweep with intrigue thanks to Joakim Noah and his trash talk. Joakim may be irksome to look at and he and Anderson Varejao are probably the two most annoying guys to play against but he has turned himself into a darn good player (11 points and 11 boards this year) who would make any team in the league better. Plus, he has emerged as one of the more interesting talkers in the league and as a result has brought out the ire of one LeBron James.

You can tell that LeBron is irritated by Noah (who wouldn’t be?) and he hasn’t hesitated to fire back at the Bulls. “They were talking the whole game,” James said. “Every time I caught the ball over there (by the Bulls’ bench), they were daring me to shoot the ball, telling me that I couldn’t shoot or ‘You can’t make jump shots, so take the shot.’ So that’s what I did. They asked me to shoot a jumper and I did that, over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.” Oh, and he also did this…

I have to give credit to anyone who brings out the best in the best player in the universe. And I also have to give credit to Mr. Noah for being totally on point in his assessment of the city of Cleveland. Joakim couldn’t be more on the money in saying that Cleveland sucks. Cavs fans have reacted pretty negatively to his statements (righfully so) but I think part of the reason for that is that they have a complex because they know it’s true and because they worry LeBron will leave this Summer for that very reason.

In fact, Noah inspired me to join in the Cleveland bashing fun. With apologies to James (not that James) in Cleveland, a fan of the site, I present my latest attempt at a Twitter trending topic…Cleveland sucks

I’ve been to Cleveland…Joakim Noah knows of what he speaks #Clevelandsucks

Drew Carey is its biggest celebrity #Clevelandsucks

Its entire economy is based on LeBron #Clevelandsucks

The NBA…Where Amazing Happens…Cleveland…Where Nothing Happens #Clevelandsucks

Cleveland is a suburb of Akron #Clevelandsucks

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame had to collect all that memorabilia because no rock star wanted to come back #Clevelandsucks

Zydrunas Ilgauskas says Cleveland reminds him of where he grew up in Lithuania #Clevelandsucks

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  1. Justin C says:

    The Cavs as an organization actually lost money this year.
    How do you have the most marketable player on the planet and fail to at least break even?#clevelandsucks

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