“Best At Life” Teams

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My radio partner Ryan Ruocco and I both drafted eight man rosters comprised of who we think is the “best at life.” Here’s what we came up with (vote below to declare which team is superior). We’ll start with Ryan’s squadron…


DEREK JETER–Superstar player, ladies man and Yankees legend. Many conquests; five-time World Series champ.

STEVE JOBS–Apple maven. Rich guy. Genius. Dude has people running out to buy a giant phone that doesn’t make calls. Plus, this post was made on a Mac.

OPRAH–Wealthy talk show host. Housewife cult leader. She gets bonus points for being the voice of Mother Earth in “Life.” She loses points for Dr. Phil.

KIM KARDASHIAN–Extremely attractive female. Not much else. Still, she is part of a lucrative television series and has a successful product line. Did I mention she is good looking?

BARACK OBAMA–First black President. Barack is cool, charismatic and an excellent speaker. He also accomplished something that will be remembered forever.

WARREN BUFFETT–Old and rich. Very rich. Guys like LeBron James consult him on how to manage an empire. Much better than Jimmy Buffett.

SIMON COWELL–Insults bad singers. Also rich. Cowell is the star behind one of the most successful television shows in history.

JACK BAUER–A total badass who battles a ticking clock and terrorizes terrorists.

And now, on to the next one. I present, Team .ME…

JAY-Z–Best rapper ever. The hottest chick in the game wears his chain. An entrepreneur who has eleven consecutive number one albums. The Beatles or Rolling Stones of our time. He’s not a businessman, he’s a BUSINESS, MAN.

LEBRON JAMES–Greatest. Athlete. Ever. No one should be that big, fast and strong. He has a chance to be the best ever and he’s already approaching a billion.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE–Excellent singer and dancer, funny and ladies love him. I doubted him when he was with N’Sync. Two excellent albums later, I doubt him no more. He will also gift his lady a “Dick In A Box.”

GEORGE CLOONEY–Handsome man. Leading man. Clooney is simply a movie star.

STEDMAN–Oprah’s money without the work or weight fluctuation. Dave Chappelle made a whole sketch out of what it would be like to be in his position.

TONY STARK–Billionaire playboy. Iron Man. Perhaps the coolest and smartest of all the super heroes. Perhaps the best comic book movie character as well.

WILL SMITH–From Fresh Prince to gigantic movie star. He has been in some of the biggest movies of all time. And he made “Summer Time.”

CHUCK NORRIS–His tears cure cancer. When Chuck Norris talks, everybody listens. And dies. To be or not to be? The answer is Chuck Norris.

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    MONKEH TIEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lundberg's brother says:

    Why didn’t you pick yourself?

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