The Mega Powers

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There is nothing like the greatest back-to-back playoff performances ever to get me to rehash an old topic…LeBron James and Dwayne Wade playing together.

These guys go at each other every time they play head-to-head and whenever they are on the same team (Olympics specifically), they are the two guys who stand out. All the while proving how well they play together (Wade reiterated that they can play together in a quote this weekend). We could see that every night. They are both free agents this offseason. There are a couple places it could happen (Miami and New York) and one place that makes the most sense (NY). Wade could leave a team that offers him no support to play with the best player on the planet. LeBron could win this year (or lose and get frustrated) and still decide playing with Wade would offer a better chance for future ‘ships. Plus, it would be the hottest ticket possible and good for the overall health of humanity.

It won’t happen. They both will want to be the alpha dog. Rightfully so. They’ve earned it. But a guy can dream. Can’t he? And what better way to ensure a dynasty than to combine forces?

They could be the Mega Powers (without the double cross shot to the face with a title belt). All it would take is for Wade to accept being the Macho Man to LeBron’s Hulkster. And let’s face it, getting to be the Macho Man is pretty damn cool.

Wade and LeBron together? That would be awesome *Chris Farley voice*.

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